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Powerful Oxidative Effects of Vitamin C To Fight Cancer Naturally in Milpitas and Dublin

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High Dose IV Vitamin C therapy has gained significant attention as a powerful natural cancer therapy. At Infuze MD, High Dose IV Vitamin C is one of our powerful oxidative tools to not only stimulate the immune system, but also target cancer cells.

Low Dose vs High Dose IV Vitamin C

Low Dose IV Vitamin C involves administering Vitamin C at lower concentrations (generally under 20,000mg). At this dose, Vitamin C still acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. While both low and high doses provide certain benefits, high dose IV Vitamin C therapy offers a more potent and targeted approach as a pro-oxidant therapy. These doses start at 20,000mg and can go all the way upto 150,000mg in a single IV treatment.  We calculate your therapeutic pro-oxidant dose, by analyzing your blood after several high doses of Vitamin C.  A G6PD test is required prior to starting any high dose IV Vitamin C treatments.

Who should use High Dose IV Vitamin C

High Dose IV Vitamin C therapy can benefit a wide range of individuals. It is particularly suitable for those seeking to optimize their overall health and well-being, including individuals with chronic illnesses, fatigue, immune system imbalances, and especially those battling cancer. Even if you are already in remission, High Dose IV Vitamin C therapy should be used periodically to prevent reoccurrence. Infuze MD is highly specialized in treating active cancer and various chronic diseases, such as lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus, with High Dose Vitamin C.

The Warburg Effect and High Dose Vitamin C in Cancer

High Dose IV Vitamin C therapy exhibits promising anti-cancer properties through the exploitation of the Warburg effect. The Warburg effect refers to the preference of cancer cells to rely on glycolysis for energy production, even in the presence of sufficient oxygen. Vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant in high concentrations, generating reactive oxygen species selectively within cancer cells, thereby promoting cell death (apoptosis) and reducing tumor growth.

Additional Benefits of High Dose IV Vitamin C

Receiving High Dose IV Vitamin C therapy at Infuze MD can offer a multitude of benefits. Patients often report increased energy levels, enhanced immune function, improved overall well-being, and reduced symptoms of chronic illness. The therapy can also support cancer treatment by complementing conventional therapies and potentially improving treatment outcomes. Additionally, our clients may experience improved antioxidant capacity and detoxification, as well as potential reductions in inflammation and oxidative stress.

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