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If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it is that an illness can devastate the operations of a company. Many companies are taking a pro-active role in keeping their employees at peak performance by offering optimization benefits, in addition to their health benefits.

Benefits for Employees:

  • Use pre-tax dollars towards services at Infuze MD
  • Employer matched contributions
  • Automatic discount on certain services at Infuze MD

Benefits for Employers:

  • Tax deduction on employer contributions towards the Infuze MD Corporate Wellness Program.
  • Improve employee retention with a unique and cutting edge wellness plan.
  • Corporate discounts on services at Infuze MD
  • Minimize sick days and improve employee performance (with neurofeedback services and peptides).
  • Create a corporate culture centered around human performance optimization.

If you are an employer or employee interested in establishing the most cutting edge corporate wellness program in your company, contact us for more information at (408) 550-2375 or email [email protected].

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