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The Lymph Drainer

The “Rolls Royce” of Lymphatic Massage


The “Rolls Royce” of Lymphatic Massage

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The Lymph Drainer works by regulating Lymph fluid throughout your lymphatic system, which pushes out toxins (including lactic acid – the reason you’re so tired and sore after a particularly tough workout) and ultimately restores the body’s internal balance. 65% of your lymphatic system rests just below the surface of the skin, and when it’s unbalanced, a whole host of problems can arise – like excess cellulite, poor circulation and sluggish digestion. The Lymph Drainer compresses the full body as it gently massages your lymphatic system; draining out that waste and sending it to your liver for natural removal.

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The system itself resembles a large zip-up jacket, which is inflated around the patient to induce compression as it works up and down the body. This sensation resembles a light to firm massage, but rarely feels as intense as a full-fledged deep tissue massage – again the lymphatic system rests just under the skin. When you come to Infuze MD, we work with you to decide the best strategy for your unique body concerns., and apply one or more of our system’s three compression cycles to your treatment:

Once programmed, each The Lymph Drainer treatment runs approximately 45 minutes, all on its own. You’ll feel immediate relief, much like after a massage, before the real benefits even begin to settle in. For patients looking to sculpt their body and improve skin tone, approximately 10-12 treatments across the timespan of a month is ideal, but those seeking relief from muscle aches, bloating or excess water weight can see results immediately.

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At Infuze MD, we utilize the most cutting edge technology to improve the function of every cell in your body. With this approach, our clients see unprecedented healing on a level they never thought existed. The Lymph Drainer is just one modality we use. You may want to combine this with our other Superhuman Services.Some of our clients call us the most sophisticated Biohacking Center they have ever been to.

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