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Infuze MD is also a full service human optimization or “biohacking” center called The Superhuman Clinic. We are the most cutting edge medical biohacking center in California that focuses on repairing and optimizing every single cell in your body so you just live better.

Dr. Abellera and her team at Infuze MD & The Superhuman Clinic in Milpitas go beyond biohacking repairing the mitochondria of all the cells. This is the “engine” of your cells. This allows for new and stronger cells, which make you look and feel younger from the inside out.

Dr. Abellera has been practicing medicine since 1981 and has focused on human optimization since 2016.


Hyperoxia/Hypoxia Training

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Try The Most Cutting Edge Medical Human Optimization Medical Biohacking Center In California!

Human Optimization goes way beyond supplements, IV therapy, and nutrition. At Infuze MD (The Superhuman Clinic) in Milpitas, we serve all of Northern California with various advanced human optimization services. If you’re ready to become Superhuman, take the first step by scheduling an appointment with us online

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