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Let’s face it. Our healthcare system is broken. At Infuze MD, our mission is to get to the root problem of any type of chronic illness so we can fix the cause, not just treat the symptoms. Unlike the conventional system, where you treat the symptom and worry about the side effects later, our medical team looks at your health like a game of chess. We have to be 10 steps ahead so we don’t run into other health problems down the road.

Our approach is simple: Optimize every single cell in your body so that it just works better. All 40 trillion of them!

We need to treat your entire body like a high performance race car. A race car driver is constantly tuning the engine, checking the tires and brakes, feeds it premium octane gas and oil, and even considers the exterior appearance of the car to keep it looking and performing like it did when it was brand new (or even better)! In short, the car is optimized for performance and longevity. Our body is also like a race car. Our engine is the mitochondria (aka the powerhouse of every single cell). Its job is to produce cellular energy, called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is what our cells use for every single process of our body. Without enough ATP, our body would fall apart. We have to feed our cells with high quality nutrition orally, and a lot of the times intravenously. We also have to constantly detoxify the body from all the things we are exposed to, whether its pesticides, heavy metals, poor dental health, mold, and even EMF from strong wifi signals and cell phone towers. Believe it or not, all these are contributing factors to many of the chronic illnesses we see, especially cancer. While we’re at it, we can address the appearance of our skin and body composition with safe and cutting edge technologies.

Whether you are trying to prevent getting ill, improve your health and vitality, look and feel decades younger, or are already facing a life threatening illness, our approach will help you achieve the health you are looking for.

This is what Dr. Abellera calls “Becoming SUPERHUMAN”.

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