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In the 1920’s Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that one of the hallmarks of cancer is that it cannot live in a highly oxygenated environment. In fact, flooding the body with oxygen makes cancer cells unstable, which leads to cancer cell death (apoptosis).

It was actually in the 1662, when British physicist Henshaw first used hyperbaric therapy by placing patients in a steel container that was pressurized with air (of course, they didn’t have the ability to compress air back then) so it was a mild form of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After refinement to the therapy over the next 300 years, it wasn’t until 1937 when hyperbaric oxygen therapy was appropriately used for decompression sickness, and in 1955 hyperbaric oxygen therapy was used in oncology to treat the side effects of radiation therapy.

Today, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is commonly used in hospitals to facilitate with wound healing and still the effects of radiation therapy.

So why do we use hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Infuze MD?

Whenever we flood the body with more oxygen, it ultimately weakens the tumor. At the same time, it enhances various natural and conventional chemotherapy agents, while repairs the damage if a client has undergone radiation therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is only one of the tools we use at Infuze MD.  We often perform a 60 minute dive prior to clients receiving various IV therapies.  This only enhances the IVs our clients receive.  There is no limit to the amount of hyperbaric oxygen therapy our clients receive, but generally we perform this 2-3 times per week as part of our all inclusive cancer program.

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