Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Activate Your Own Stem Cells

These Stem Cell Therapy optimize healthy aging by activating dormant Stem Cells, thus turning back the clock so you can feel and look younger.

At Infuze MD, we believe there’s a better way to achieve complete, whole-body health. As the leading integrative therapy practice serving patients in Milpitas, CA, and throughout California’s bay area, we’re proud to provide a variety of holistic and integrative medicine treatments including IV vitamin dripsozone therapy, and IV stem cell therapy. Whether you are suffering from a neurological disorder, autoimmune disease, muscular disorder, or other chronic condition, Infuze MD is committed to working with you to develop a personalized, comprehensive and integrative treatment course that works with your body to achieve better health – and we believe that IV stem cell therapy may be able to help.

What Are Stem Cells And How Can I Activate Them?

Regenerative Medicine in Milpitas

Stem cells are a special type of cell produced primarily by the bone marrow. Most cells in the body have a specialized function and are adapted and specially formed to suit it: for example, muscle cells are long and thin with the unique property of contracting when exposed to electrical current, while squamous cells, which are found on the surface of many internal tracts such as the esophagus or the bladder, are wide and flat.

Stem cells, however, are more ambiguous: they have no specified function, and can instead change into other types of cells under certain conditions. In addition to this property, stem cells possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune regulatory properties, which can make them useful in anti-aging, hair restoration, painful joints, and restoring vitality.

By improving the signaling between cells, dormant stem cells are “woken up” to allow the regeneration of new cells to occur.

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    We’ve helped countless patients achieve better health and improved quality of life through regenerative therapies, but every patient is different. The best way to understand if stem cell activation therapy could help you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Abellera to develop your own unique, personalized treatment plan. No matter what issue you’re facing, we’ll work with you to choose the ideal treatments for your situation and set you on the path to better health.