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Infuze MD is one of the most cutting edge integrative cancer treatment centers in the United States.

One of the most advanced and highly effective therapies one can do for cancer is customized immunotherapy peptides. We now have the ability to take a sample of your DNA through blood, urine, and tumor sample for analysis. Using AI driven technology, we can design immunotherapy peptides that are specific to you and created from your DNA. These peptides are administered over the course of 6-10 months (depending on the appropriate protocol) and the aim is to normalize the mutations in your DNA that caused the cells to become cancer in the first place. Thousands of patients with late stage and aggressive cancers of all types have successfully undergone this therapy with an overall response rate of 72%.

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Dr. Abellera and Infuze MD are pleased to be 1 of less than 10 physicians in the United States that offers these life saving peptides.

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