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One of The Most
Advanced Integrative Medical
Centers in America

We’re at the forefront of managing all stages of cancer, chronic illnesses, and human optimization — utilizing the most groundbreaking IV protocols and therapies.

One of The Most
Advanced Integrative Medical
Centers in America

We’re at the forefront of managing all stages of cancer, chronic illnesses, and human optimization — utilizing the most groundbreaking IV protocols and therapies.

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Dr. Abellera 1

Nilda Agnes Abellera, M.D.

Medical Director

Over 40 years of Medical Excellence

Welcome to Infuze MD

At Infuze MD in Milpitas, CA, we believe that the most efficient and effective way to treat a chronic illness is to understand and treat the body as a whole. By taking into consideration all of the factors that contribute to your health, we can identify the root cause of your illness, develop a comprehensive picture of what is happening to and within your body, and treat your illness with integrative therapies.

40+ Years of experience

For over 40 years, we have delighted our patients with medical care.

100% Patient Satisfaction rating

We take our job seriously, and we take your health seriously. All of our patients report a positive experience at Infuze MD.

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Dr. Abellera and staff are so knowledgable and passionate about what they do and how they help patients live healthier lives. See you soon Infuze team!

-Michael W


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We don’t just focus on the symptoms.

At Infuze MD, we address all the major pathways of the body, which include cellular detoxification, optimizing the mitochondria, and the modulating the immune system.

While most of what we do are intravenous therapies, we also have various therapies that can be performed in our center and offer guidance for at home therapies.

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No two people are alike.

A “cookie cutter” approach may work for some practices but you are always our top priority.

Our approach to your healing is personalized to you and only you so that we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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cutting edge

Infuze MD collaborates with other physicians all over the world. We are always one of the first to implement the most ground breaking technologies so that our clients have access to the best possible therapies.

Our protocols are constantly being revisited whenever new efficacy data is provided at medical conferences.

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We understand that dealing with a life threatening illness can be devastating. Not only that, but it causes a lot of oxidative stress which weakens the immune system further.

We will make our recommendations, but will never impose any treatment on you that you don’t agree with.

Despite being in practice for more than 40 years, Dr. Abellera and her team have always put her client’s well-being as the top priority. Many of our clients have become life long friends over the years.


General Questions

Step 1: Register as a new patient by clicking here: Register as a New Patient:

Step 2: Create your portal username and password.

Step 3: Complete all the medical intake forms (instructions will be emailed to you).

Step 4: Upload your medical records, labs, scans/images, supplements, medications.

Step 5: Schedule a Discovery Call with our medical team.

To protect sensitive information, we recommend that you send us a secure message on the patient portal. You can also call our office at (408) 550-2375.
The medical providers at Infuze MD are not primary care providers. Infuze MD is a specialty clinic that deals with chronic illnesses. You will need to have your own primary doctor for acute illnesses and routine checkups.
Infuze MD is out of network with all insurance carriers, including medicare. We can provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement of services. We do not provide any insurance billing coordination.

We prefer that your initial consultation is in person. However we can consult with you via our secure HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform.

It depends on the situation. Most of the time, naturopathic doctors are unfamiliar with some of the therapies we offer. Almost all of the time, a consultation with our providers is required in order for you to have a comprehensive treatment plan.
Yes! Infuze MD can order most labs through Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp. There may be a possibility that your insurance will also cover this. There are specialty labs we work with that may or may not be covered by insurance also.
Our medical center is on the ground floor and only 30 feet from the parking lot. We have a wheelchair and oxygen tanks available onsite if necessary.

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