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Dr. Abellera

Since 1981, Dr. Abellera has served as the medical director of several medical practices that focus on functional medicine, aesthetics, and general pediatrics. Dr. Abellera completed her medical degree at University of The East in The Philippines in 1973 and residency programs at Jewish Memorial Hospital, Staten Island Hospital, and Long Island College Hospital in New York. She and her late husband (Carlo Abellera, M.D.) moved to San Jose, California to start their practice together.

Today, Dr. Abellera is one of the most sought out functional and integrative medical doctors in the United States, having treated over 20,000 patients in her career. These patients range anywhere from newborns to stage IV cancer to geriatric patients with advanced neurological diseases.

Originally trained and holding a private practice in conventional medicine, Dr. Abellera noticed that our existing health care system was broken. Doctors were taught to treat only the symptoms and worry about the side effects later, write prescriptions unnecessarily, and noticed a trend in the pediatric population. When Dr. Abellera began her practice in 1981, there were only 16 required vaccinations. That number more than quadrupled over the next 30 years and concurrently, so did the rise of developmental problems amongst children. What’s more is the number of pediatric diabetes, obesity, and cardiac problems amongst all ages grew too. This gave rise to Dr. Abellera seeking a better way to manage health.

Her passion for natural medicine has led her to pursue advanced courses in functional holistic medicine, German cancer therapies, eastern medicine, cellular detoxification, and nutrition using high quality vitamins, supplements and superfoods. All of these disciplines are incorporated in her practice. For more than the past decade, Dr. Abellera has personally trained with leading medical doctors and naturopathic doctors internationally, and has developed specific protocols for even the most complex illnesses.

Her practices, Infuze MD and The Superhuman Clinic, focus on cancer of all stages, complex chronic diseases, regenerative medicine, advanced human optimization, and cutting edge aesthetics.

She is the author of The 10 Cornerstones of Effective Cancer Management and is 1 of only 10 medical doctors in the United States that provides personalized cancer immunopeptide therapies, with an average 3 year response rate of 71% among stage 4 cancer patients*.

In addition, she is part of several institutional review boards (IRB), including The Safety of Individualized Peptides for Cancer, Chronic and Preventative Diseases and The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians.

Dr. Abellera has been featured internationally  in several media publications, including Forbes, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and The Epoch Times.

Medical Affiliations

Dr. Abellera is an active member of The American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT), American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP), International Society For Medical Laser Applications (ISLA), and The Vitamin C International Consortium Institute (VCICI).

On a personal note, Dr. Abellera is a devout practicing Christian. When she’s not busy with the practice (which is rare), she enjoys gardening, knitting, travelling, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She’s also a big fan of the Golden State Warriors. Go Dubs!

*Data provided by Neo7 Biosciences Gen-3 study (2022).

Paolo Carlo Abellera

Medical Operations Director / Chief Biohacker

Having more than 15 years of leadership experience, Paolo is the Medical Operations Director and Chief Biohacker of Infuze MD / The Superhuman Clinic. He is also the eldest son of Dr. Abellera. Paolo carries a pre-med school background from Santa Clara University and has prior experience successfully overseeing all of Dr. Abellera’s medical groups. Paolo also served as the vice president of medical practices for Physician’s Medical Group of San Jose (now part of United Healthcare).

As the Medical Operations Director of Infuze MD, Paolo is responsible for developing, implementing, and collaborating with Dr. Abellera on all treatment protocols. He is also the lead researcher on all the cutting edge technologies and services provided at Infuze MD. Paolo is always in attendance with Dr. Abellera at all medical conferences and has built strong relationships with various functional medicine practitioners and therapy providers.

On a personal note, Paolo had one of the most severe Covid-19 (delta variant) cases in early 2022. He was on a ventilator, in a coma and on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for 3.5 months, and hospitalized for 5 months in the cardiovascular ICU department. Upon discharge, Paolo had to learn how to walk again, swallow properly, and was on 3 liters of oxygen 24/7. His conventional physicians were amazed that he survived and said he would most likely be on supplemental oxygen for the rest of his life and would need a double lung transplant due to the severe pulmonary fibrosis (scarring) of his lungs from Covid pneumonia. This did not sit will with Dr. Abellera, so she oversaw (as any good mother would do) his entire recovery. This entailed tons of ozone therapy, supplements, peptide therapy, and numerous rounds of stem cells and exosomes.

One year after being discharged from the hospital, Paolo is almost able to carry on his normal activities and his lung function has more than doubled. Paolo asked his conventional pulmonologist how he compared to other patients with the same prognosis and to his amazement, he replied “I couldn’t tell you. None of them survived. You are a miracle from God!”.

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