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Another of the hallmarks of cancer is that cancer thrives in acidic environments.

The idea that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments is often associated with the "acidic theory of cancer," which suggests that cancer cells are able to survive and grow more easily in low-pH (acidic) environments. This theory was proposed by Dr. Otto Warburg, a German physiologist and Nobel laureate, in the early 20th century. Warburg's work focused on the altered metabolism of cancer cells, particularly their tendency to rely more on glycolysis (a less efficient form of energy production) even in the presence of oxygen, a phenomenon now known as the "Warburg effect."

Warburg suggested that the metabolic switch to glycolysis led to increased production of lactic acid, which could acidify the microenvironment around cancer cells. This acidic microenvironment, according to his theory, could support cancer growth by helping cells avoid the normal control mechanisms that limit cell proliferation in healthy tissues.

So can you alkalnize or raise the pH of your cells? Drinking alkaline water, dietary changes, oral supplements, and lifestyle changes are a good start, however we need to raise the pH on a cellular level to make an impact on cancer. The only effective method of doing this through an IV containing sodium bicarbonate.

At Infuze MD, part of your treatment plan may include sodium bicarbonate IV therapy at precise amounts to raise the pH of your cells, thus weakening cancer cells.

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