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One of the biggest factors that leads to cancer actually manifesting is stress. Cancer generally takes about 10 years to start off as a single cell and then turn into full blown cancer. Many times a life changing event occurs in a person’s lives (divorce, death in the family, job loss, etc) that causes enough emotional trauma that their immune system takes a dip. Cancer cells take advantage of this and then grow uncontrollably. This has been the trend that we’ve seen with many patients at Infuze MD.

There’s nothing that can be done at this point because the cancer has already manifested. However, you can take steps to aid in the recovery and healing by addressing and eliminating some of the factors that continue to cause oxidative stress in your life. Part of our healing plan is to also focus on the mind. We utilize various nootropics and even a specialized form of passive neurofeedback to stimulate the appropriate neurotransmitters you need.

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