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Infuze MD pleased to be 1 of 5 medical centers in the United States that is participating in the Customized Longevity Peptide Study with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden of the Gladden Longevity Clinic in Texas. These customized peptides are created from your own DNA (blood and urine).

The goal of the longevity study is to improve overall quality of life by intervening and interacting with specific genomic and biologic processes to both fix and enhance key elements related to aging and health.

This will be done with the application of customized peptides targeting any number of these genetic areas over a course of treatment

Due to individual variability and customization of every treatment, specific endpoints are not targeted. Instead, subjective responses, improvement from baseline and improved biometric performance will be used to measure facets of aging (energy, vitality, mental clarity and endurance, sleep, sexual health, weight and body composition and other measures)

What are the Hallmarks of Aging?

  1. Genomic Instability
  2. Telomere Attrition
  3. Epigenetic Alterations
  4. Loss of Proteostasis
  5. Altered Intracellular Communication
  6. Stem Cell Exhaustion
  7. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  8. Deregulated Nutrient Sensing
  9. Senescent Cell Formation
  10. Compromised Autophagy
  11. Microbiome Disturbance
  12. Altered Mechanical Properties
  13. mRNA Splicing Dysregulation
  14. Inflammation
  15. Increased Cell Size.

The philosophical objective is to understand the status of the Hallmarks and associated Drivers of Aging in more detail and with more precision. The idea is to see how they interconnect and in aggregate accelerate the aging process. Armed with that information and level of understanding the goal is to utilize custom made peptides to go after selected points in the metabolic process and modulate these points back into a state of youthful homeostasis.

8 Aspects of Aging That Are Addressed:

  1. DNA repair (as a marker for Genomic Stability or Instability)
  2. Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
  3. Senescent Cell Burden and Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP)
  4. Telomere Maintenance (looking at the processes driving Telomere attrition)
  5. Autophagy
  6. Mitochondrial Health and Mitophagy
  7. Oncogenic Potential
  8. Longevity (characterizing the expression of longevity associated genetics)

Peptides will help with genomic instability by:

Results You Can Feel

The expected results are improvement in subjective feeling, improved biometric performance and improved scoring on the LIFE RFT Mosaic of Ages testing platform (including the following):

Reverse Your Biological Age Today!

At Infuze MD, we utilize the most cutting edge technology to improve the function of every cell in your body. With this approach, our clients see unprecedented healing on a level they never thought existed. Customized Longevity Peptides are just one modality we use. You may want to combine this with our other Superhuman Services .Some of our clients call us the most sophisticated Biohacking Center they have ever been to.

If you’re ready to experience the improvements in dealing with pain, energy, and health that our therapies can provide, take the first step by scheduling an appointment with us online.

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