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Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Regenerate Hair Follicles with Exosomes & Stem Cells

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By age 35, two-thirds of Americans will have some appreciable degree of hair loss and by age 50 more than 85% of men and 50% of women will start losing their hair. While there’s so many products out there that claim to restore hair, very few of them actually work. One permanent solution is a follicular unit extract hair transplantation, where hair follicles are replanted one by one. This process is very tedious and can be very costly.

When it comes to restoring hair, Infuze MD believes that we can stimulate your own “dormant” hair cells to wake up by injecting stem cells (exosomes to be more specific) directly into the scalp. We are able to directly inject more than 15 billion exosomes in one treatment and the treatment is relatively painless with a topical numbing cream.

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Usually, treatments are done once a month for 2 to 3 months and then again at month 6 and month 12. Most people only need 4 to 5 treatments in total and the cost is around $700 per treatment.

We also like to combine exosome hair restoration with peptides that stimulate further regeneration and red and infrared light therapy. When you commit to a hair restoration treatment protocol at Infuze MD, you will be given a special hat that operates at 650nm and 850nm, the perfect combination of wavelengths for stimulating hair growth.

With our approach at Infuze MD, we are seeing clients having thicker and fuller hair permanently.

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Try Advanced Hair Restoration in Milpitas, CA Today

Thinning hair and balding is something that many people deal with. We offer a permanent solution that is cost friendly and very effective. Take the first step now by scheduling an appointment with us online.

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