15 Step Korean Glass Skin Treatment

The Treatment That Will Make Your Skin as Smooth as Glass

15 Step Korean Glass Skin Treatment

The Treatment That Will Make Your Skin as Smooth as Glass


A High End Customized 15 Step Treatment To Make Your Skin Like Glass

Ever wonder why Korean skin looks so flawless with almost no visible pores? In Korea, many are doing what’s known as the “glass treatment”. This is a multi-step facial treatment that involves several cleanses, toners, hydrating exfoliation, serums, peels, masks, photodynamic therapy and finished off with various moisturizers.

Dr. Abellera has more than 15 years of dermatological background, particularly working with ethnic skin (Fitzpatrick skin types IV, V, VI). These skin types need to be treated differently from skin types that are on the lower end of the Fitzpatrick scale.

She’s developed an enhanced version of the Korean Glass Treatment that encompasses a total of 15 steps. These steps not only include 2 cleansing stages, toners, serums, and peels, but also a customized protocol determined by our AI Skin Analysis.

The customized protocol includes an oxygen bubble scrub, an infusion of various anti-oxidants, glutathione, and placental extract (growth factors), directly under the skin, 3 different masks to reduce inflammation, drive oxygen to the surface of the skin, and brighten the complexion, and photodynamic laser therapy. As an option we can also permanently remove warts, milia, and skin tags using laser cauterization.

Treatment Time: 75 Minutes
Frequency: upto 2 Times Per Month

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The technology we have at Infuze MD is unparalleled. Our 15 Step Korean Glass Treatment is the most luxurious and state of the art treatment you will ever find to give you the glowing skin you’re looking for. We recommend that you try this treatment once a month for 4-6 months for optimal results. Take the first step now by scheduling an appointment with us online

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