Stem Cell Facelift

Stem Cell Facelift

Defy Signs of Aging with Stem Cell Facelift

As we age, our cells become more and more exhausted over time, which results in sagging skin. Additionally, collagen breaks down over time. Collagen is responsible for maintaining our skin’s elasticity or ‘taught’ appearance. For some of us, it reflects greatly, especially on the face.

Thankfully, science and technology have come a long way to help us combat the signs of aging. Usual treatments involve the use of expensive, traditional facelift that are invasive and involve plastic surgery and facelifts.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable, non-invasive method that works wonders, Infuze MD has the ideal solution to help you reverse the aging process with our Stem Cell Facelift treatment.

Get ready to experience a full facial rejuvenation that will help combat the signs of aging.

What is Stem Cell Facelift?

First, let’s understand just what stem cells are in layman terms. Stem cells have been a widely researched topic due to recent insights on their use as potential treatments for a mountain of diseases including anti-aging treatments. This is due to their unique properties such as the ability to renew itself and to stimulate surrounding cells to regrow and regenerate.

How does a Stem Cell Facelift work?

In the case of a stem cell facelift, these cells are extracted from your own fat tissue (adipose tissue) from the abdomen or thigh area. Adipose tissues are ideal for this treatment as it contains a high concentration of stem cells compared to other parts of the body.

Then, the cells are mixed with a cocktail of growth factors and injected into areas on the face. In doing so, it stimulates the surrounding cells and the body’s natural processes to regenerate. These stem cells will restore plumpness while also improving tone and texture for younger-looking skin.

For a more in-depth and personal explanation, visit Infuze MD and our health professionals would be happy to answer any questions before proceeding with the treatment.

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    Benefits of Stem Cell Facelift

    Traditionally, the option for more youthful-looking skin involves invasive surgery that is often painful and has long recovery times. Stem cell facelift is not only non-invasive, but it also has the following benefits:

    • Stem cell facelift stimulates the body’s own collagen production.
    • The treatment not only makes the skin look full, but it will also give you a more defined jawline.
    • While surgery takes away pieces of the skin, stem cell facelifts restore your facial volume by rejuvenating the surrounding cells.
    • Stem cell facelifts have long-lasting effects.
    • Compared to surgery, stem cell facelift has minimal scarring and a fast recovery time.

    What should I prepare for a stem cell facelift treatment?

    For the extraction of your adipose cells, you will be placed under a local anesthetic. The doctor will then mix in special growth factors and re-inject this solution into the skin around the face area.

    As a final procedure, a chemical treatment is used to smooth texture and fine lines while also stimulating the injected stem cells

    Channel Your Body’s Regenerative Mechanisms to Defy Aging Today


    If you’ve noticed that your skin isn’t looking as youthful as before and you are searching for an affordable, non-invasive option, then stem cell facelift therapy is the right solution for you.

    This treatment is low risk, has a quick recovery time, and long-lasting effects. Say goodbye to sagging skin and defy the signs of aging at The Superhuman Clinic today!