IV Therapy in Milpitas

IV Therapy in Milpitas

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At Infuze MD, our mission is to help people throughout Milpitas, Fremont, and greater San Jose achieve a healthier, happier life. We believe there are often better ways to heal and care for the body than those typically offered by western medicine, and our doctor, Dr. Nilda Abellera, has been using holistic and integrative medicine treatments to both increase wellness and treat a wide range of conditions for years. We offer treatments ranging from oxidative and ozone therapy to cancer & Lyme disease management, but none of our treatments are as popular as our vitamin drip and IV therapies.

The Benefits Of IV Vitamin Drips

In order to heal itself, maintain mood and energy levels, and keep itself well, the body relies on a diverse assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. And while we get these compounds from food, it’s nearly impossible to take in the ideal amount through food alone, and oral vitamin supplements can’t achieve high absorption rates.

That’s where IV therapy comes in. With an IV vitamin drip, we’re able to bypass the digestion process entirely, circumventing absorption problems and allowing us to deliver a megadose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This means that instead of losing the majority of the vitamin content in waste, we can deliver these compounds with the highest possible bioavailability, allowing them to directly integrate into your body’s cells.

This effectively means that a vitamin drip works like a supercharger for your body. By delivering an ultra-high dose of critical vitamins and minerals into the blood, your body gets the compounds it needs to improve mood, energy, sleep quality, and cognition. In addition to providing a general wellness boost, we can also use vitamin drip treatments to combat stress, migraines, and even autoimmune disorders. Dr. Abellera has been working with IV vitamin drip therapy for many years, and as one of the leading IV therapy facilities in Northern California, we’ve perfected the doses and formulations of our vitamin drips. When you visit Infuze MD, you’re getting the best of the best of IV therapy – so you can feel your best no matter what you’re dealing with.

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IV Vitamin Drip Treatments

Whether you’re lacking energy, feeling under the weather, wanting to look and feel younger, or just looking for a boost in life, a vitamin drip at our Milpitas integrative medicine clinic will deliver a megadose of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at its best. We offer a diverse range of IV therapies and vitamin drips, with special formulations for specific conditions as well as general formulas for an all-around wellness boost:

IV Therapy in Milpitas

Amazing Absorption—How IV Drips Work

An IV drip works through the use of a bag attached to a small tube, called a catheter. The bag is filled with a saline-based solution that contains a blend of nutrients and vitamins that will help you reach your specific health goals. Our medical staff will insert the catheter into your vein, so the nutrient-filled fluids directly reach your bloodstream for optimal absorption.
The best thing about IV therapy is there’s no waiting time for your body to get the nutrients it craves. You can instantly provide your body with antioxidants and minerals without having to wait for your digestive system to break everything down.

What are Common Ingredients Used in IV Therapy in Milpitas?

Though there are various forms of IV therapy, there are some popular ingredients used in almost every IV drip session. The most common ingredients include saline solutions, vitamins, and electrolytes. The right blend of these elements can regulate your body functions and replenish and hydrate your body.
IV therapy is safe, and you can come in for a session a couple of times a month. However, you may need more or less sessions based on your current health conditions, your future health goals, and your personal medical history.

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You deserve to look and feel your best, every single day, and our IV vitamin drip treatments can help you get there. If you’re ready to experience the improvements in mood, energy, and health that IV vitamin therapy can provide, take the first step by scheduling an appointment with us online. We can’t wait to help you get healthier and happier through the power of vitamins!