How Will I Benefit From Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is often a treatment method that many patients haven’t heard of or don’t know much about despite it being practiced around the world, since its use is not as popular here in the US. It has been used to treat a wide range of health problems including lyme disease and cardiovascular issues, while also being an effect support treatment for cancer patients. So if you’re starting to look into getting ozone therapy for yourself, it’s only natural to ask: “Will I benefit from this?” For any type of medical treatment including ozone therapy, you want to be confident that this is the right path for you to take before you take the first step, which is why the medical experts here at Infuze MD are here to go over how ozone therapy works and what the benefits are.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone is simply 3 oxygen atoms that are combined and is referred to as “O3”, just as how water is two hydrogen atoms plus one oxygen atom and makes “H2O”. Ozone is just an extremely pure form of oxygen that is highly reactive, which allows Ozone to easily transfer oxygen atoms in a process called oxidation, to stabilize harmful atoms and particles in our body, or to stimulate our body’s natural healing processes. Ozone therapy can be administered in various ways, including injection, insufflation, ingestion, or transdermal. Which method is used will depend on your own individual needs for treatment.

The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has a wide range of uses, but it’s true strength as a treatment method is it targets the entire body. While other treatments may target a specific area that may be affected by illness, ozone therapy not only strengthens your body’s own natural processes to heal itself, but can also combat harmful particles on its own. While you may seek out ozone therapy to treat something like cardiovascular disease, your body is also being treated many other kinds of diseases and illnesses that you may not even know you are affected by, helping to prevent further health issues in the future. Some of the main benefits of ozone therapy are:

A Cleaner, Healthier Body

When ozone particles come into contact with other harmful particles in our body, like free radicals, bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells, it automatically reacts by either stabilizing or killing off these particles on contact. This is because these harmful particles are susceptible to and can be damaged through oxidation, which ozone triggers on contact due to its reactive nature. Receiving ozone therapy will help detoxify your body, leaving you feeling healthier overall.

Strengthening & Protecting Your Body

When ozone enters our body, it activates molecules called cytokines, which are basically messengers for our immune system that let our body know how to react. For patients that have an overactive immune system in the case of autoimmune diseases like HIV, ozone will help regulate our body and help our immune system stabilize. For those battling with various forms of viruses or harmful bacteria that cause chronic infections, the immune system is less active than it should be, but ozone helps stimulate it.

Ozone has also been known to decrease inflammation by helping the body activate its antioxidant defenses against free radicals. Also, ozone can reduce acidity in the body by breaking down uric acid, which commonly causes conditions such as gout or damages our blood vessels.

Maintaining That Youthful Spirit

Why do we breathe in oxygen every second of every day? Because our cells need oxygen to make energy; energy that our bodies use to function. While we typically get enough oxygen in our cells to get us through the day, ozone therapy actually increases the oxygen level in our cells, which helps our cells create even more energy. The end result is you feeling like you have more energy with a body that feels more youthful and ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

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Written by InfuzeMD