The Truth About Juice Cleanses

By InfuzeMD on 08/21/2019

Living clean, living healthy, living strong: this is your mantra, your intention for being your best self. But what about pesticides, pollution and other environmental toxins we come in contact with each day that can undo all the effort you put into a healthy lifestyle? At Infuze MD, we’re dedicated to helping you optimize your health and live the healthiest, most joyful life possible. We utilize integrative medicine techniques including vitamin drips, ozone therapy, and stem cell therapy to renew your energy, boost your immune system and fast-track recovery from injuries and illnesses.

Many of our patients ask us if they should incorporate juice cleanses into their at-home health maintenance routines. Continue reading below to learn the truth about the benefits, risks, and effects of juice cleanses.

The Benefits Of Juice Cleanses

Among the many purported benefits of the juice detox, weight loss seems to be the most sought-after result. Proponents of the juice cleanse state that decreasing calories without sacrificing nutrients will lead to a quick and healthy weight loss. Additionally, juicing with superfoods can provide a convenient vehicle to getting the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables that many people struggle to incorporate into their regular diets.

Some people feel that giving your digestive tract a rest from breaking down solid proteins and fiber is a good way to increase the health of your gut’s microbiome. Additionally, if you are looking to change unhealthy behaviors or eating habits, a juice detox can be an easy way to give structure to your nutritional plan while increasing your vitamin and mineral intake from whole foods.

The Risks Of Juice Cleanses

Rapid weight loss resulting from a juice cleanse is initially due to water loss. Any time you restrict calories, your body will react first with shedding water, leading to the impression of quick weight loss. Don’t be fooled: true weight loss does not happen overnight. In fact, severely restricting calories can lead to many other health problems, including sleep disturbances, kidney damage and hormonal changes that can impede weight loss or cause weight gain.

One critical benefit of eating fruits and vegetables is the increase in healthy fiber intake. Although juicing raw produce can retain many nutrients, it omits the beneficial fiber. The net effect is that you get the water and sugar content while eliminating the nutritional fiber that helps regulate blood sugar and digestion.

Alternatives To Juice Cleanses

There are many ways to lose weight and optimize your health without going on a juice cleanse. Alternative therapy and healthy additions to your diet can help you reach your goals without the negative impacts that may result from a juice detox. Ozone therapy has been proven effective in helping to improve the immune system by increasing white blood cells and destroying viruses and bacteria in the body. It can also encourage the body to excrete toxins. Probiotics and prebiotics are excellent and effective additions to your diet to promote a healthy gut microbiome. Drinking kefir or kombucha is an easy and delicious way to achieve this!

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