Priyanka J.

“I am so happy to be one of their biggest fans and so glad to find them. Yay! My first appointment was a consultation and there was no charge, however, the attention, connection, and professionalism I felt from Dr. Abellera and the staff made me feel like our time together was incredibly valuable to them. They listened to my concerns and asked careful clarifying questions. They are very rooted in the gentle method and I did not feel like any procedure was being pushed on me. Dr. Abellera is a very patient, kind and knowledgeable person. She and the staff is always there to help you with any matter. I love the zen-like atmosphere at the clinic. it is so beautiful and clean. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Thanks to the doctor and staff for being so sweet and helpful :)”


“The place is immaculate. PIa and Dr Abellera are super nice.”


“Dr. Abellera is very professional, accommodating, and friendly. I’ve been seeing her for 2 years now. I followed her when she transferred to Milpitas because my experienced with her and her staff are excellent. She even give me extra stuff everytime I come to her clinic. I’ve been to Belo and Kaiser cosmetic clinic but Dr. Abellera’s skilled and the prices of her products are much cheaper compared to most of the Bay Area’s clinic. One time, i end up going over one syringe of Juvederm and she let me pay it once I come back for my next visit. Where can you have that deal! She’s awesome! I am very satisfied with every results of my Botox and Juvederm. Her daughter Pia is also polite. I am thankful I found a clinic that convenient from my home, affordable and with excellent service. I rarely do a review but I think they deserved to be acknowledge on their good job. One thing I am requesting to have is the Juvederm Voluma. I hope you will have it soon in your clinic. Thank you so much Dr. Abellera, you know who I am. God bless you and your family.”


“I had a wonderful experience on my first visit. Dr. Abeller provided me a thorough explanation of my treatments and answered all my questions. The staff are professionals and very accommodating. Love the ambience of the clinic, it is so beautiful and clean. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and families. Looking forward to my next visit.”

Maria A.

“I am always satisfied with the excellent service of California Skin Lightening in Milpitas, CA. I highly recommend this clinic to all of my friends and other associates.”

Francis P.

“Very informative and great to work with.”

Kheszthelle P.

“The biggest reason for my using Infuze MD’s services over & over again is because Dr. Abellera and staff always make me feel important and safe. I get the feeling that I am valued as a person and viewed as a dollar sign. Yes, everyone is knowledgable concerning medical problems they are able to help me with and the products they use. Yes, I am happy with the results from the products and services and can definitely say they’ve been very helpful to me, but it’s how I’m treated & made to feel by everyone at Infuze MD that I place the most value on. That’s why I go back. That’s why I care about Dr. Abeller: she cares about me.”

Maria Teresa V.

“Dr. Abellera and her staff are the best!”

Maria A.

“Provide excellent service.”

Jessie G.

“10/10 is the rating I could give to Infuze MD.

The doctor takes her time in analyzing what best treatment is good for me. She is very professional. Her fees are affordable. I love amazing results of the procedures she has done for me. Vitamin drips made me healthier, beautiful inside and out and happier.

Her staff are also very professional in dealing with their clients. So warm and accommodating.

Facility is very clean, simple and has elegant décor.

I highly recommend Infuze MD enhancing and maintaining your Beauty.”

Yash D.

“Awesome Doctor, beautiful office decor and very efficient.”


“I had the best experience at Infuze MD. Dr. Abellera was very informative as my appointment was to have the skinny drip IV but then asked if I could get Botox same day after consulting with her. I was worried since Ive always wanted to try Botox but she made me feel comfortable and I will be going back for sure. The staff was very nice and the office was beautiful.”

Liliana V.

“Friendly staff, took the time to explain the process thoroughly.”

Linda J.

“The correspondence via email and phone conversations have been excellent!! Very professional, friendly and informative representative. Can’t wait to receive my product!!”

Elizabeth C.

“I did the Ozone Therapy with Glutathione/Vitamin C. I had a very marked improvement in my energy level & even brightened my complexion. I can’t wait for my next session.”

Maria A.

“I am very satisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. Agnes Abellera. She is one great physician and I will definitely recommend her practice to all of my friends.”


“I had a pleasant experience being under the care of Dr. Abellera. She is very nice and accommodating. I will surely continue to come for my treatments.”

Herbert Rio R.

“The Staff at Infuze MD were professional, knowledgeable and caring!”

Bita D.

“Everyone is super friendly and nice. When I feel like I need a little boost, I stop to visit these ladies.”


“Awesome service”

Joseph C.

“My first experience is less snoring and not loud as before.”


“Excellent service as always”

Elizabeth C.

“I’ve been going to Infuze MD for about a year now & I can’t imagine going to anywhere else for my vitamin maintenance & of course the best part is Dr. Abellera, the most caring & professional doctor ever.”


“I love Dr. Abellera! Nicest doctor I’ve ever seen! Very professional and diligent.”

Edilberto A.

“Clinic: air-conditioned, very clean, pleasant atmosphere

Staff: professional, friendly, treat you like family

Experience during treatment: I never had shots to the knees; developed an aversion to syringes because of gout, heel spur, tophi in fingers. I’ll take this therapy anytime. This treatment is amazing because 30-45 minutes after the shot to both knees, I can literally walk without limping, sit and get off the chair without holding on to the chair or table for support. I actually had to re-learn how to walk straight after so many years of walking penguin-like due to osteoarthritis on both knees. Altogether I had an AMAZING experience throughout the whole ordeal and the shots didn’t even hurt. Videos shown on U-tube is not an exaggeration. Thanks, Dr. Agnes.”

Taylor L.

“Dr. Abellera is very cautious of what she’s doing. She warns you if you will feel pain and apologizes all the time for any discomfort you may experience. I will definitely recommend her clinic for your beauty needs.”


“Exceptional service.”

Veronica B.

“Everyone was really nice and very professional. The Dr was very informative in providing me with all the facts related to the services I would be getting. The nurse took her time and also was very patient while administering the Infusion. I look forward to working with them in the future!”

Froilannie B.

“All the people there were very nice and very professional.

Dra. Abellera is the best.”

Kevi B.

“Highly professional and courteous. Clinic is kept clean and follows strict State regulations for disinfectant.

We’re always looking forward to seeing them weekly.”

Sarinya I.

“Bad experience. Itchy skin and rashes all my body after glutha drop at there.”

Ranila R.

“Dr. Abellera is the best at what she does. She doesn’t try to convince or upsale on products or treatments that you don’t need, like some other places I’ve been too. She is honest and wants her patients to have the best outcome. Infuze MD treats all their patients like family members. This treatment center is highly recommended.”

Jeffrey R.

“My third session for my glutathione didn’t turned out well. I have a new nurse that attended to me. My right arm was swollen after 3 minutes of my treatment and waited almost 20 minutes for my treatment to start. That was a horrible experience which I don’t want to happen again. Hopefully this will be addressed by Dr Abellera next time.”


“Compassionate healthcare team with a focus on natural healing.”

Carlotta J.

“Doctor Abellera is an excellent doctor. She’s very accommodating and helpful. She treats each patient with care and compassion. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Chantel H.

“Doctor was extremely informed and educated.”

Diana P.

“I come here to do IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback for a traumatic brain injury. They are the only ones having this latest cutting edge technology in the east bay. It has been proven effective for Parkinson’s, ADHD, TBI and many other problems that affect brain and personality. IASIS has been shown to heal deeper levels of brain structures. The doctor and Paulo- her son work closely with the clients and monitor their progress. Giving advice on lifestyle and other treatment modalities that will complete your recovery. They are very reasonably priced and give discounts once you are an established client so that you can continue with the treatment until you are completely healed. The office atmosphere is very clean and inviting and the warmth, genuine concern and time they bestow on each patient make you feel as comfortable as if you are in your own home.”

Eric S.

“Great staff and location!”

Maria A.

“Excellent Service.”

Joe R.

“Great knowledgeable staff, kind and friendly.”


“Very good service, the treatment was very relaxing too.”


“Dr. Abellera is very nice and gentle. They are genuinely concerned with their patient’s condition and very helpful. I’ve been having the vitamin drip and IASIS to help me manage stress and anxiety. I highly recommend this place!”

Diana P.

“The doctor was very caring and patient. The office clean and relaxing.”

Michael S.

“Great service and friendly people, but I wish they can be open on Saturdays also.”

Antoine D.

“I think the staff was amazing and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and stayed with me if I needed something and didn’t just leave like all the doctors do.”