Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

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Dee B.

Fantastic service and caring staff. They've accommodated my very difficult schedule.

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Taylor L.

I had a very good experience at Infuze MD. Dr. Abellera is such a nice and knowledgeable doctor. All the staff are very nice

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Neddie P.

The doctor is wonderful and hands on. She is very caring, efficient and knowledgeable. I would recommend Dr Abellera to anyone.

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Michael W.

The Dr. and staff were so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and how they help patients live healthier lives. See you soon Infuze team!

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Milo R.

ALWAYS a great experience! Nice,kind and well-informative nurses throughout your procedure.

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Kris B.

The staff and providers at InfuzeMD were very professional and helpful. They truly have the patient’s best interests in mind. Would recommend highly!

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Marta M.

I am so incredibly grateful I found this place. I got a very personalized treatment that literally took me out from a state where I was unable to get out of bed to being fully functional. Thank you so much!

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Jimmy M.

I’ve been suffering from knee osteo-arthritis for 5 years and was a candidate for total knee replacement surgery.
I wanted to explore other options that didn’t involve the risks and downtime. After speaking with Dr. Abellera,
I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to try. I’m glad I made that call.

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Kheszthelle P.

The biggest reason for my using Infuze MD’s services over & over again is because Dr. Abellera and staff always make me feel important and safe. I get the feeling that I am valued as a person and not viewed as a dollar sign. Everyone is knowledgeable concerning my medical problems and they are able to help me with the therapies and the products they use. Yes, I am happy with the results and can definitely say they’ve been very helpful to me, but it’s how I’m treated & made to feel by everyone at Infuze MD that I place the most value on. That’s why I go back.That’s why I care about Dr. Abellera. She actually cares about me.