Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Dublin, CA

Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Dublin, CA

The stem cells in your body act like building blocks used to generate your other cells, and most of your stem cells are located in your bone marrow, fat, and blood. Though your stem cells are definitely most influential during embryonic development, they still have strong regenerative properties even when you’re an adult and you can use them for healing and pain management through stem cell therapy.

How do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cells have the ability to become other types of cells and they have the ability to renew and divide themselves when your body needs them the most. Stem cells are found in your body at an early age, and your adult stem cells are called somatic stem cells. Based on the type of cells they are, they can be used to help regenerate your skin, bone, fat, and muscle cells as well as the nerve tissue in your brain.

Specifically, they can be used to reduce chronic pain, and assist in healing any injuries inside your body.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Management

If you’re suffering with chronic pain that won’t respond to conventional pain therapies and treatments, stem cell therapy may be able to ease your discomfort. Promising research shows that stem cell therapy may be effective in the treatment of neuropathic pain, osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal pain as well.

Stem cell therapy in Dublin, CA is a viable option to ease your pain because it tackles the source of your pain through cell regeneration. A lot of times, your pain is caused by some form of internal injury or inflammation that refuses to go away. Stem cells can regenerate that area, so your injury is healed, and the symptom of extreme discomfort goes away with it. Our team of medical professionals at Infuze MD will harvest your stem cells and then redirect them to the area that needs healing, so your tissue is repaired, and your pain is reduced.

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    Target Inflammation with Stem Cell Therapy

    Since your stem cells have the ability to detect areas of your body that are inflamed, they naturally gravitate to the troubled spots in your body and start regenerating the damaged and infected tissues. Through their ability to heal, they reduce the inflammation you’re suffering from, and they further enhance your immune system, so your body becomes stronger.

    If you were injured while playing a sport, or you were hurt in an accident, come into Infuze MD today to learn more about our stem cell therapy and how it may be able to reduce the inflammation and pain you’re dealing with so you get the help you need to heal.

    Stem Cells an Alternative to Surgery

    If you’ve ever injured yourself before, or you know someone who has, your doctor has probably recommended surgery as one of the options to help you recover. For instance, if you suffer from knee pain, you may be told to consider knee replacement surgery to reduce the pain and increase the functionality of your knee. Though surgery can be effective, it does come with many risks, and it’s always better to consider alternative options that are less invasive before deciding to opt for surgery.

    One effective alternative to surgery is regenerative medicine in Dublin, CA. The adult stem cells found in your fat, blood, and bone marrow can be used to help repair your ligaments and cartilage and help regenerate any tissue that may be injured in your body. These cells are obtained from your body—usually from your bone marrow—and once the stem cells are properly separated, your doctor will reinject them into the troubled area. Once the stem cells are in your body, they will start working on regenerating the damaged area so you’re relieved of pain and inflammation, and you can return to your day-to-day activities again.

    Stem cell therapy is a viable option to help you recover, and it also has less downtown than surgery so you’re able to get back in action as soon as possible. After surgery, you will usually be instructed to wait a significant period before you can resume your regular routine; stem cell therapy does not come with this disadvantage.

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    If you’re suffering from chronic pain or you want to speed up your recovery, come into Infuze MD today to try our stem cell therapy and other alternative therapies so you can enjoy good health again.