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While Vitamin C has been in the public consciousness for years – it became famous when Nobel prize-winning chemist Linus Pauling began promoting it as a universal cure-all – its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-histamine properties are still under-utilized. At InfuzeMD Nutrient Treatment Center located in Silicon Valley, we don’t claim that Vitamin C will magically solve your medical issues, but we can say with confidence that Vitamin C has an important place in the treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases. This belief is based on an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence.

The Power Of Integrative Medicine

At Infuze MD, we know that living an optimal life depends on more than simply treating diseases as they arise. To maintain an ideal state of wellness and energy, it’s vital that you provide your body with the nutrients and conditions it needs to thrive. Our mission as your trusted vitamin drip and integrated medicine clinic in Milpitas is to help you maximize your quality of life by utilizing personalized, comprehensive integrative medicine treatments.

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Why Visit Our Milpitas Vitamin Drip Clinic?

In short, vitamins and minerals give our body the strength and power it needs to defend itself against illness, as well as to effectively function at home, while exercising, and even in the workplace. While our ancestors consumed a sufficient amount of nutrients through their natural diet, modern farming and agriculture have stripped much of the food we eat, including wheat and corn, from significant nutritional value. Vitamin drips are an effective way to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. At Infuze MD, we seek to improve the health and overall quality of life of our patients through a range of integrative medicine treatments, including high-dose Vitamin C treatments. Whether you’re battling a serious illness like cancer or simply want to improve your body’s functionality and feeling, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Milpitas integrative medicine clinic. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Abellera today to learn how high-dose Vitamin C treatments can help you improve your life!