Ozone Injections Appear Promising To Help Knee Pain In The Long Term

Prolozone Injections: A New Way to Alleviate Knee Pain

At Infuze MD, we are huge believers in Infusion Medicine. Time and again, we’ve seen it make incredible differences in our patients’ quality of life, helping to combat problems at their source – and medical research is increasingly demonstrating its effectiveness. Many patients come to us with osteoarthritic knee pain, a common condition that can cause extreme discomfort, limit mobility, and lower quality of life for patients. The traditional treatment for this is regular shots of steroids into the knees to combat the arthritis, but an exciting new study suggests that this long-established treatment may not do much to help the problem – whereas ozone injections show a lot of promise.

Attacking the Source

According to a study by the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, steroid injections may not be a very effective treatment for arthritic knee pain. In clinical trials, they determined that the injections were perfectly safe and did help alleviate some of the pain associated with arthritis – but they did nothing to slow the advance of the disease or impact long-term pain outcomes.

Another study by the Federal University of Sao Paulo’s Paulista School of Medicine tested treating the same condition with injections of naturally-occurring ozone gas – better known as Prolozone Therapy to Infuze MD patients. In this study, patients receiving an ozone injection showed significant improvements in pain, physical function, overall health, and quality of life compared with the control group. The researchers believe that this therapy may easy pain for patients, delaying the need for more intensive procedures like joint replacement surgery.

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