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The key to optimizing your body is to be regularly detoxifying, flooding your body with oxygen, and feeding your cells with proper nutrition. For this reason, many of our clients opt to hold an IV membership at Infuze MD.

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Terms: 3 month minimum commitment required; $1047 billed at enrollment and then $349 starting the 4th month of membership; membership benefits cannot be shared or transferred to anyone else; unused IV’s and injections can only be carried over for 3 months and are forfeited if membership is cancelled; membership can be paused upto 3 months before being automatically cancelled. No refunds can be provided if you decide to cancel within the first 3 months of starting your membership. Infuze MD reserves the right to make changes to the membership program at any time and you will be notified at least 30 days prior to any changes taking place.

Cancellations: To cancel your membership, you must notify us in writing (email or patient portal message) with 30 days advance notice.

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You deserve to look and feel your best, every single day, and our IV vitamin drip treatments can help you get there. If you’re ready to experience the improvements in mood, energy, and health that IV vitamin therapy can provide, take the first step by scheduling an appointment with us online. We can’t wait to help you get healthier and happier through the power of vitamins!

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