Meet Dr. Nilda Abellera

Dr. Nilda Agnes Abellera, M.D. is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Infuze MD as well as the medical director of the Milpitas Pediatrics.

After completing her medical studies, she went on to complete her residency at Staten Island Hospital and Long Island College Hospital in New York. In 1981, Dr. Abellera finished her residency and began practicing medicine professionally.

Prior to founding Infuze MD, Dr. Abellera served as the medical director of a successful medical spa in San Jose, CA. Although she is grateful for the experience she gained, she soon realized that conventional medicine alone was failing far too many patients because the common approach only provided temporary solutions. Instead of treating the disease and preventing its progression, most prescribed medications would only treat the painful or uncomfortable symptoms as the disease progressed and demanded increased medication and/or the addition of other medications. She resolved to find a new approach to conventional medicine by adding the practice and views of European Medicine—to address and get to the root cause of illness.

Dr. Abellera is a member of the following associations:

“The Human Body Is Incredibly Resilient. We Live In A Society Where We Turn To Pharmaceuticals As An Instant Remedy. We’re Aware Of The Side Effects, Yet We Still Embrace It. With The Infusion Of Powerful Antioxidants And Vitamins, And An Optimized Micro-Biome The Human Body Has The Ability To Recover And Heal Itself.”

– Dr. Nilda Agnes Abellera, M.D.