IV Therapy in San Jose

IV Therapy in San Jose

What is IV Therapy?

Conventional medicine is great for helping your body recover, but there are alternative methods of treatment that can speed up recovery and give your body the help it needs to work at its best. One of these options is IV Therapy.

At Infuze MD, we offer IV therapy to enhance your health and well-being without you having to wait long periods of time for oral medications to take effect. During IV therapy, a small tube called a catheter is inserted directly into your vein. This catheter is attached to a bag that contains the nutrients and vitamins your body demands. During IV therapy the nutrient-rich solution is disbursed directly into your bloodstream so it can get to work on repairing you right away.

Visiting the Clinic for IV Vitamin Therapy

Our medical team at Infuze MD, strives to give all our patients the healthiest and most joyful life possible. We hold the belief that conventional medicine is important, but there are often better ways to treat your body and get optimal health results.

Dr. Nilda Abellera, is the leading doctor at Infuze MD and she has been using holistic and integrative medicine treatments to both improve wellness and take care of a wide range of conditions for years. From oxidative and ozone therapy to cancer & Lyme disease management, we offer a wide range of treatments that can enhance your health. Vitamin drip and IV therapy are the most popular treatments we offer to our patients. Their popularity stems from how effective and beneficial they are for your body.

Why Should I Get IV Vitamin Drips in San Jose?

Your body relies on various amino acids, minerals, and nutrients to function at its best. If there’s an imbalance in these essential body components, you will struggle with maintaining your energy levels and your mood will fluctuate as well.
With today’s general diet and lifestyle, many of us aren’t getting the nutrients we need from our food and we turn to taking vitamin supplements to bridge the gap. However, your body can only benefit form these supplements after going through the digestive process and this can be time consuming and inefficient. IV therapy overcomes this issue by delivering the required vitamins directly into your bloodstream.

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When your body receives the minerals and amino acids at the optimal level of bioavailability, your cells will quickly be enriched, and your body’s stores replenished. This leads to clear thinking, and a healthier, glowing body.

The benefits of IV therapy include:

Infuze MD is one of the leading IV therapy services in Northern California, we’ve refined our practice and offer the ideal doses and formulations of our vitamin drips so when you visit us, you can rest assured you’re only getting the best care available.

IV Therapy in Milpitas

What IV Vitamin Drip Treatments are Available?

You can choose a vitamin drip based on the health complication you want to rectify. If you’re looking for something to help you feel younger, you may want to try an Anti-Aging IV. If you want to boost your energy and get rid of that fatigue, you may want to try a vitamin drip. Each IV type contains a special blend of electrolytes and nutrients so your body can replenish its stores and you can feel like your best self again.

Some of our IV drips that are used for overall wellness include:

● Anti-Aging IV
● Pro Athlete IV
● Immune Support IV
● Glutathione Skin Lightening IV
● Poly MVA

Give Your Body the Nutrients it Needs—Without the Wait

One of the greatest advantages of IV therapy is that your cells get the nutrients they need without you having to wait for your body to break it down. IV therapy is safe, and you can get a session a couple of times a month. However, you may need additional or fewer sessions centered on your existing health situation, your upcoming health ambitions, and your individual medical history.

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If you want to improve your mood, boost your energy, and look and feel younger again, IV therapy can help you reach your goals. Reach out to our staff today to learn more about how IV therapy can help you get a healthier and happier body.