IV Therapy in Dublin, CA

IV Therapy in Dublin, CA

Are you looking for a way to enhance your health without resorting to oral medications or invasive surgeries? If so, IV Therapy is a viable option you may want to consider. At Infuze MD, our team of medical experts will give you a thorough checkup and recommend the best therapy for you based on your current health and medical history.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

You’ve probably already figured out that IV Therapy requires the administration of fluid into your body intravenously; but how exactly does it work? It’s simple. Your doctors will insert a small tube directly into your veins, and through this catheter, the selected nutrients and vitamins are administered into your body. The nutrients come from a bag that’s attached to the catheter.

Obtain 100% Bioavailability through IV Therapy

Eating right and taking your vitamins can go a long way in helping your body stay healthy, but it does have its limits, and the positive health benefits you gain from living this healthy lifestyle may take some time to become apparent. Normally, when you take medication or you eat nutritious food, you have to wait for your body to break down the nutrients before you can benefit from them.

However, IV Therapy can speed up the process by administering the nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Research shows that drugs administered intravenously achieve 100% bioavailability.

When your body receives the perfect blend of nutrients and vitamins in the correct amounts, you will enjoy increased energy, enhanced sleep quality, improved cognition, and better general wellness. The exact benefit of your IV Vitamins depends on the type of IV Therapy you opt for.

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    Choosing the Best IV Therapy for You

    Everyone has certain goals they would like to reach concerning their health. Some of us are searching for a way to look and feel younger, while others are looking for a way to boost our energy levels daily. For each of these issues, there is an IV blend that can help; for example, if you want to look and feel younger you may want to try the Anti-Aging IV. Each IV blend is catered to a specific need and contains the right blend of nutrients to rectify a specific health goal.

    At our clinic, you can choose between:
    • The immune support IV
    • The Anti-Aging IV
    • Poly MVA
    • The Glutathione skin lightening IV
    • The Pro Athlete IV

    Our doctors will help you decide what IV is best for you after conducting an initial checkup.

    Why Visit an IV Drip Clinic?

    With so many benefits to IV Therapy, you should come in for IV Therapy in Dublin, CA, as soon as possible. When you walk into our clinic, our team of medical experts will take the time to give you a detailed checkup, so they understand the current state of your health. Once they understand where your health complications are coming from, and once they understand what your health goals are, they will start your IV therapy with the best blend of nutrients suited to your needs.

    You will never really understand the extent of your health complications until you come in for a checkup yourself. Dr. Nilda Abellera is the leading doctor at Infuze MD, and she’s an expert at integrative medicine treatments. She believes that conventional medical techniques are integral to helping you improve your health, but there are also other effective ways to help your body recover and reach optimal health. One of these alternative techniques is through IV Therapy in Dublin, CA.

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