Introducing Our New Pleasant Hill Office!

By InfuzeMD on 06/20/2019

Infuze MD is proud to announce that we have opened a second integrative medicine clinic located in Pleasant Hill, California! We are thrilled to be able to expand our reach and offer our integrative medicine services to the Pleasant Hill community.

Preventative Therapies

Our therapies treat a variety of conditions. The Vitamin C Drip that we offer, for example, is known to have antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-histamine properties! This will give you a boost of energy and help you combat common ailments including allergies, colds, the flu, and more. It is not a well-known treatment and criminally underused, but our patients at Infuze MD swear by this treatment.

Another powerful preventative treatment available at our clinic is Ozone Therapy. This treatment consists of circulating medical-grade ozone throughout your body in order to strengthen and rejuvenate your cells. Ozone therapy can help suppress infections, reinforce your immune system, and has even been known to kill cancer cells.

Cancer Support & Prevention

At Infuze MD, our goal is to offer the most innovative therapies, while educating our patients and their families to help them achieve their maximum lifespan. Dr. Aballera has extensive experience in fighting all types of cancer and is proud to offer individualized cancer treatment plans including anti-cancer IV therapy, cellular detoxification, oxidative medicine, and more.

We also believe in early cancer prevention. Dr. Abellera and her team will help craft an individualized support plan to strengthen the entire body.

Visit Our New Pleasant Hill IV Drip & Integrative Medicine Clinic Today!

Take control of your health and come visit our Pleasant Hill office today! If you’re interested in the therapies mentioned above or any other services offered on our site, we encourage you to schedule a consultation online today or to come by our Pleasant Hill office—our warm and knowledgeable staff will welcome you in now!