Helping Relieve Lingering Pain

At Infuze MD, we are committed to helping our patients achieve total health and wellness through integrative medicine and world-class IV vitamin drip therapies. In addition to a wide variety of vitamin drip and injection treatments, we’re proud to offer our patients prolozone therapy: a powerful form of ozone therapy that can help heal injuries and revitalize the body naturally. If you struggle with lingering pain in your lower back, neck, or any other area, prolozone therapy may be able to help.

How Prolozone Therapy Can Heal Pain

What makes prolozone treatment so effective is it doesn’t just ease the symptoms of pain, as many pain treatments do – instead, prolozone solves the root cause of the problem. To understand why, we need to look at what causes lingering pain in the body.

For an injured area to heal, the tissues need proper circulation. Without this, the cells can’t get the vitamins, minerals, blood, and oxygen they need to repair themselves – but oxygen is perhaps the most important of these ingredients. Without proper oxygen flow, cells can’t create the chemical reactions they need to heal themselves. In the absence of oxygen, lactic acid can build up, which causes pain. This can exacerbate other problems like inflammation, which also causes pain and slows healing.

Prolozone solves this problem using ozone, a pure, highly reactive form of oxygen. By infiltrating the affected tissues with ozone, the tissues get what they need to repair themselves and put a stop to lingering pain. Healing the tissues in this way helps to reduce inflammation, which increases circulation and helps the tissues stay healthy. Often, patients feel immediate relief from prolozone therapy, and the treatment can achieve lasting benefits from just three to five sessions.

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If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, or pain anywhere else in your body, it’s time to get the relief you deserve. Contact us today to learn how prolozone therapy can free you from discomfort and treat your pain at the source. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve improved comfort and well-being through ozone therapy.

Written by InfuzeMD