Pricing | Consultation


Initial Consultation with Dr. Abellera


Includes: 60 minute in person or telemedicine consultation to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

The goal of this initial session is to develop a deeper understanding of your health by gathering a thorough history of any and all factors that may have led to the conditions you present with.  Dr. Abellera will analyze pertinent information (including labs and other diagnostics that you provide), recommend any additional labs that would be helpful, and craft an initial treatment plan towards your healing journey.

A 30 Minute Initial Consultation may be recommended instead, depending on the complexity of your health crisis.  This will be prorated at $175.

Please understand that most chronic illnesses require follow-up consultations every 4-6 weeks to review your progress and re-evaluate your treatment plan.

Follow-up Consultations with Dr. Abellera



  • 30 Minute Appointment $175



  • 60 Minute Appointment $350

Please Note: Any recommended labs are not included as part of the consultation fee, but may be covered by your health insurance plan.