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At Infuze MD, we are committed to helping our patients live happier and healthier lives through natural infusion treatments. Dr. Abellera has been in practice more than 35 years and has treated more than 10,000 patients, bringing` time-tested knowledge and experience to every new patient that walks through the door. Whether you're looking for a vitamin drip that will leave you feeling and performing better, a glutathione treatment to reverse the effects of aging, or an immune boosting ozone therapy treatment, Infuze MD will help you look, feel, and perform at your best.

Our blog is a collection of useful information and tips to help you live the healthiest, happiest life you can. On it, you'll find natural ways to relieve stress, tips on what treatments are right for you, and updates on our practice. We encourage you to check back periodically, as we'll be updating it with news and articles.

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How to Get More Vitamins and Minerals

By InfuzeMD on 02/28/2017

At Infuze MD, we strive to promote health and wellness for all those in and around Milpitas, CA. We aim to accomplish this through our many therapies, including vitamin drips, cancer and immune support, and anti-aging treatments. As your Milpitas, CA vitamin drip clinic, we want to ensure that you get the proper vitamins and …

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Ways to Boost Your Energy

By InfuzeMD on 01/24/2017

Ways to Boost Your Energy

All of us at Infuze MD, your experts in vitamin drips, understand that energy is the real challenge of 21st century work. While technology has made us more productive than ever, allowing us to get massive amounts of work done quickly, anytime, and anywhere, the hectic, often frantic pace of modern time can be a …

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