Cancer Support Through Ozone Therapy

By InfuzeMD on 11/23/2015

Cancer Support Through Ozone Therapy

At Infuze MD, we believe infusion therapy is a powerful tool with a wide variety of uses and applications, ranging from fighting the effects of aging to improving immune function and supporting cancer treatments. We’re passionate about educating our patients on the healing benefits of infusion therapy, and one of the most powerful treatments we use is ozone therapy. While remarkably beneficial, often times, ozone therapy is highly misunderstood. In this blog post, we’ll detail what ozone therapy is, how it’s administered, and what it does for the body.

A Natural Way to Improve Immune Function

Ozone is a plentiful gas found naturally in both the atmosphere and the human body. In the atmosphere, it performs a critical function for life on Earth – the ozone layer acts as a barrier and a shield, reflecting away cosmic radiation that would otherwise make Earth uninhabitable. In the body, it has a variety of functions, and all of them are critical for a healthy, strong body.

Perhaps most importantly, ozone is a powerful immune system regulator. For cancer patients with subdued immune systems, this is incredibly important. Ozone therapy can help bring the immune system back up to strength, staving off infections that are such a danger when fighting cancer. The process of ozone therapy is simple: we’ll use an IV to draw out a small amount of blood, and then infuse that blood with pure, medical-grade ozone. Once the cells have absorbed the ozone, we put the ozonized blood back into your body. It will naturally spread through your veins, helping to regulate immune function and keep the body healthy and strong.

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