Cancer Management

Cancer Management

Integrative Medicine For Cancer Management, Treatment & Support

Cancer patients seek all available medical advice to get treatment, cancer management, or reduce the effects of cancer on their lives. Many patients are turning to integrated cancer therapy treatments to better their lives. Integrated cancer therapy treatment is not standard care and involves the use of products or medical practices that reduce the multiplication of cancer cells.

Integrated cancer therapy complements standard care treatments to improve the health of cancer patients through shared decisions between patients and medical practitioners. Although alternative cancer therapy is not a proven cancer treatment method, many patients significantly manage cancer symptoms as well as various side effects of cancer treatment.

The Fundamentals Of Effective Cancer Management

How Can Integrative Medicine Help Cancer?

Despite having many options for cancer treatment, overcoming this difficult disease remains a challenge. One of the main hurdles is treating the cancer patient’s whole body. Standard cancer treatments do not address the patient’s immune system and only target and focus on removing the cancer cells, which on many occasions affects the health of the patient after going through harsh cancer therapies and taking many drugs.

At Infuze MD, we are committed to maximizing the lifespan of cancer patients by educating them on quality health measures, which help patients to gain high spirits and energy levels, making their lives grand. Offering the most innovative therapies for cancer patients is our goal. We advise the masses to undergo cancer screening tests to detect and prevent cancer cells in the early stages before the symptoms become visible. At Infuze MD, our focus is to optimize the cancer patient’s entire body cells rather than targeting the cancerous cells only, which significantly reduces the ability of cancer cells to multiply.

Here are several innovative and tried holistic cancer therapies that can help strengthen the entire body of cancer patients, as advised by Dr. Abellera and her team.

Ozone Therapy

When the patient’s body is healing itself against cancerous cells, it faces many toxins that lower the immune system and energy levels of such a patient. Subjecting the patient to ozone therapy, which uses a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, stimulates the patient’s body to eliminate toxins. Ozone contains a highly reactive molecule that is infused in the patient’s blood to reduce the multiplication of cancer cells. Ozone intravenously returns to the patient after ultimately distributing into the blood.

European clinics have used ozone therapy with great success for over 50 years. For patients that require oxidative therapies, we are currently offering multi-pass ozone therapy. We recommend cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to increase their immune system by using ozone therapy and increasing vitamin C doses.

High Dose Vitamin C Infusion

For patients undergoing cancer treatment, using High Dose Vitamin C Infusions help to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Slowing the growth of cancer cells benefits the patients by reducing the effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, fatigue, and vomiting. Patients are recommended to use ozone therapy and increase the intake of high doses of vitamin C when going through radiation or chemotherapy.

UV Blood Sterilization Therapy

UV Blood Sterilization is proven to rejuvenate a patient’s immune system and also strengthen blood components by killing bacteria and viruses. Cancer patients using UV Blood Sterilization Therapy increase the flow of oxygen to their tissues, which reduces the growth of cancer cells through microcirculation and vasodilation. We recommend this therapy to patients who also have autoimmune diseases, exposure to mold, viral infections, and Lyme disease.

Glutathione IV Therapy

Glutathione IV Therapy helps in antioxidation of a patient’s body by stimulating apoptosis. Glutathione is found in foods such as spinach, avocado, and asparagus, as well as naturally in our bodies. Cancer cells reduce the production of glutathione in the patient’s body, which is necessary to minimize the side effects of standard cancer treatments. Our glutathione-boosting supplement, Redox MD, also uses natural ingredients that encourage your body to produce more glutathione. Click here to learn more about it. 

Infuze MD Cancer Treatment

In an effort to combat this devastating disease, we’ve recently launched infuzemdcancercenter.coma cancer treatment resource. Visit our new site to learn more about how we’re helping cancer patients to combat their symptoms and retain their quality of life.

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