The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins and nutrients are essential for the daily functioning of the body. They play an important role in energy levels, mood, and even your immune system. Although a healthy diet is important to maintain good overall health, most of the nutrients and vitamins in food are lost due to farming and pollution. Often, people search for alternative sources to replenish their lack of vitamins, like IV Vitamin Therapy.

Many people like to boost their nutritional status and body through the use of supplements. This helps to sharpen one’s mind and improve performance. However, when supplements are taken orally in pill form (as is often the case), only a fraction is absorbed into the blood stream because your stomach acids them down. Therefore, you’re losing most of the nutrients in the process!

With IV Vitamin Therapy, this loss is no longer an issue. We directly administer the nutrients into your bloodstream so almost 100% of the nutrients are utilized by your body. More importantly, it gets directly into the cells. This is increasingly important as deficiencies can often lead to physical problems that affect your day-to-day, like fatigue. At Infuze MD, we offer IV therapies to help replenish your body of these important vitamins and nutrients.

What kind of nutrients are there?

IV Vitamin Therapy allows you to choose the best infusion for your needs. Looking to detox? There’s a combination for you. Studying and need to sharpen your mind? There’s another type of infusion with the minerals you need. We blend minerals such as calcium and magnesium with vitamins such as the B vitamins, vitamin C, and more. We are able to help relieve anxiety, stress, allergies, and boost the immune system. In addition, our therapies can help you improve your mood and energy. It’s a great complement to the rest of your wellness program!

We offer the following IV Vitamin Therapies:

  • Immune Support IV: Helps build and boost the health of your immune system to assist in the prevention of illnesses.
  • Anti-aging IV: Designed to slow and counteract degradation, promoting the regenerative processes of the body to produce softer, smoother, younger-looking skin, as well as stronger nails and thicker hair.
  • Pro Athlete IV: Help your workout and performance regardless of when you are in training and is great for increasing your endurance and decreasing your recovery time.
  • Poly MVA: Supports the repair of damaged cells, especially in cancer. This is one of the best therapies that provide nutrition to your cells.
  • Glutathione Skin Lightening IV: Helps to reverse the degenerative process of free radical production with the antioxidant Glutathione, and keeps skin healthy and light.

Replenish Your Vitamins with IV Vitamin Therapy at Infuze MD!

When thinking about IV Therapy, it is important to have a physician determine which vitamin infusion is right, based on your needs. Dr. Abellera and her team can help you choose an infusion that can help boost your immune function, increase your energy, combat disease, and even turn back the aging clock.

The medical team at Infuze MD is here and ready to assist with replenishing your vitamins, so you can get back to feeling great! To learn more about IV Vitamin Therapy and how they can benefit you, contact us today at Infuze MD. Experience our comprehensive wellness programs for yourself.

Written by InfuzeMD